Dear Anita...


I received your letter yesterday, but we had an exam today; so I couldn’t write back immediately. I received your photo as well, and luckily didn’t tear it while opening the envelope.

You are a beautiful girl; but I want to ask you something:
Mine is brown; what is the color of your eyes - red?

I put my hair into this envelope;
lots of love

yalçın - s.w.a.l.k. (sealed with a loving kiss)
** ** **

Dear Anita & 2405 Facebook Followers...

(I have to write this mail in English, so that Anita can read as well smile ifade simgesi
Yesterday, after I shared a video; I was notified that, Anita Fridrihsons shared my video.

Millions of years ago, I was reading my sisters teen magazine: “Melanie”.

I saw a pen-friend column there and decided to write a letter to the magazine:
“I am a boy from Turkey and I want to have pen friends. I like Suzi Quatro. My address is Izmir Cad. 20 Yenişehir Ankara Turkey”.

I sent the letter to England and forgot about it all. One month later I received a letter from England. My letter was published in the magazine and a Turkish girl Leyla had immediately sent a letter to me. Inside the envelope there was a little photo of her while dancing. She was soo beautiful but she was looking older than me.

I was VERY excited and wrote back a letter to her. Because my school was close to my house, I was coming home for lunch. And the next noon holiday, the postman brought 12 letters from England.

I had no time to read all of them and brought them to school, read them one by one during the lessons.

Beginning from that night I had a big problem: “Writing at least 14-16 letters to the girls from England, Ireland, Scotland… even from Australia & :New Zealand.

Because the postman was delivering at least 14-16 letters each noon and I was bringing my school bag with me, to carry all of them to school, at lunch breaks.

I made a mistake while writing to Melanie Magazine: I forgot to write my age.

So I was receiving letters from girls between ages 12 – 20. I was categorizing them on my bed according to their ages. Afterwards I was choosing the girls who were 1 or 2 years younger than me.

I was writing the same letter to all of them after the “Dear ****,” beginning
and I was putting a little photo of me (“with long hair” of course) inside all the letters.
I was spending all my allowance to buy stamps & envelopes.

After the arrival of their photos; I was choosing the beautiful girls and was giving the rest addresses to my friends at school, who wanted to have pen friends. I stopped writing to Wayne, when I learned that he was a boy.

Anita Bone was a super sweet girl. But when I looked at her photo; I saw that her eye color was red. How come??? Is there such an eye color at English girls???

So I asked her: What is the color of your eyes - red?

She sent me a letter that it was because of the flash. I embarrassingly learned that: flash may cause red eye effect at color photos.
** ** **

I decreasingly continued writing to 3-4 friends at university.

When I started my doctorate, I still had 2 pen pals: Anita Bone from England and Diana Saville from Australia.

One day Diana wrote that she was coming to Turkey for her summer holiday.

TERRIBLE news for me. Because their summer is our winter in Turkey
and I had no time, even for sleeping because of the academic rush
and I had no permission to leave Ankara from university
and I had no money to spend for a holiday as well.

At the end Diana wrote:

- Don’t be afraid, I’m not coming…

That was the last letter of a long friendship.

Anita Bone was my only dear & dear pen friend and we continued for a long time.
Then we lost each other somehow.
** ** **

At century I received a mail from somebody named Anita, asking me:

- Are you my ex pen friend Yalcin? I found your mail address from Google…

Than we started writing each other again, like Emerson Lake & Palmers' song "From The Beginning".

Then she came to Turkey, then we met each other, then we continued writing and writing and writing each other…

And somehow we stupidly couldn't continue writing again - tilllllllll
"I saw her standing there" like a Beatles song at Facebook, sharing my video, to a French friend of her.

So; now I again find myself writing to Dear Anita in 2016
with the same feelings to a red eyed sweet "foreigner" mail friend.

write back soon;
lots of love…

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