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… and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true…

sings farmer girl Dorothy, at the film: “Wizard of Oz”.


Every impacted tooth has dreams; that they have to dare to dream =

to be erupted by an orthodontist

to be in the right location and positon at the jaw

to be in proper alignment with the neighbor teeth

to be in proper occlusion with the antagonist teeth

to serve lifelong vitally in healthy periodontium…

** ** **


One thing is SURE in orthodontic eruption of impacted teeth that:

“it is not SURE that it will be successfully erupted – 

no eruption guarantee; even if the position of the tooth radiographically seems to be at the right angle & close to the desired target; even though the right forces in right vectors are applied.

** ** **


It is sure worth trying orthodontic treatment because in case of success:

own tooth – own tissues are incompatibly much more precious than a senseless titanium implant, which requires minor surgery as well.


** ** **


In orthodontics; you can never make long term plans while erupting an impacted tooth. You always have to modify or refresh the force applying systems - according to the response you get and the achieved new level of the tooth.

** ** **


An orthodontist may have to make minor surgical applications during the journey as fibrous scar tissues cover the bracket surface. The resisting tissues on the way may have to be eliminated as well in order to create a proper guidance to the tooth.

** ** **


The hard part is to bring the submarine to the sea surface.



Once the impacted tooth reaches to the surface in any position;

then it is very easy to carry it to its original space by casual orthodontic mechanics.

As we have mentioned; eruption is not guaranteed –

no erupted teeth can resist to Orthodontics afterwards.

** ** **


If the tooth can be erupted; “Relapse” is the nightmare of orthodontic treatments. But in erupting an impacted tooth, there is almost no relapse risk as the tooth will never submerge back again. But retention is essential after each treatment, as the erupted tooth’s proper inclination and relations must be preserved forever…


Dr. Yalçın Ergir / Orthodontist - TURKEY  /  2017 June




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More detailed information about orthodontic traction techniques to erupt  an impacted tooth can be read at this case report: http://www.ergir.com/2011/right_here_waiting.htm










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